WallSkiN Turtle Series Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Only) Tough Protection with Kickstand & Holster - Midnight (Navy Blue/Blue)

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About Our Product

WallSkiN Turtle Series is our exclusive phone case series in order to provide the best protection for your mobile device. We guarantee %100 protection against any physical damage that will result from strikes.

  • Inner hard plastic body and outer cover with easy gripping will help avoiding physical contact between your phone and other objects by %90.
  • The screen protector is easily used as it supports touchpad screens.
  • Belt clip will give you the opportunity to be able to use your device during work, exercise, and even on your vacation.
  • Enjoy your favorite movie or TV Show using the Kickstand.


Turtle Series Case User's Manual

  1. Use Your Fingernails to Remove the Silicone Skin: The easiest way to take this layer off would be to use your fingernails. Place a fingernail under the silicon skin and slide it around to separate it from the main plastic shell. Then, use your fingers to gently lift the top or bottom part of the skin to pull it off completely.
  2. Use a Butter Knife to Open the Hard Case: To remove it, you will need something to pry open the case, and a butter knife or letter opener. To do this, slip the tip of the knife just under the top left connector, and then lift it away carefully using your chosen tool for leverage. Do the same for the other connectors, and then pull the case apart.

Using Kickstand

Apply pressure with your finger on the upper side of the belt clip until you hear the sound of clicking. Belt clip can rotate 360 degrees which allows you to use your device both horizontally and vertically.

Additional !!

All the WallSkiN Turtle Series products along with hard shell, outer cover, and holster pieces for the same phone models are all compatible with one another. You can create your own style making up different combinations with different colors you have.